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Visit this Jack o’Lantern Festival in Louisville KY

Louisville’s Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular is a self-guided tour through over 5,000 carved pumpkins located at Iroquois Park in Kentucky. Many of these pumpkins are carved by highly talented artists. This year, in 2023 the event will run from October 3rd to the 31st running for its 11th year in a row. This is a walk-thru event so you can take your time admiring each pumpkin as you stroll along the 1/3-mile trail.

Pumpkins that spell out "Celebrating 10 years"

Is Louisville’s Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular Pet-Friendly?

Due to the high amount of traffic and it being a nighttime event, the Louisville Jack o’Lantern Spectacular does NOT allow pets. If you are traveling from out of town you will need to make other arrangements for your animals while you are enjoying the festivities.

We have some great tips if you need to leave your animals with a pet sitter or if you will have to leave them alone in a hotel or private vacation rental.

Louisville’s Jack o’ Lantern Festival Hours

The Iroquois Park Jack O’ Lantern Festival opens each day at 6:30 p.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays and until Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. They do stop letting people into the festival an hour before closing every night.

If you are hoping to avoid the crowds, I recommend avoiding Friday and Saturday nights. It is generally less busy at the very beginning and end of the night. It will also get busier as we get closer to Halloween. We try to go on weekdays and arrive just before it gets dark to limit the time we wait in line.

Buying Louisville’s Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular Tickets

Depending on the day of the week, adult tickets cost between $15-$20 per person. All proceeds from the event go to the Louisville Parks Foundation. You can purchase tickets before you arrive online through Ticket Master, which will save you time but you will have to pay extra processing fees. You can avoid paying these fees by purchasing your tickets onsite but be prepared to wait in line.

Ticket booth at Louisville's Jack o' Lantern Spectacular

They sell the tickets according to time slots, and there are a set amount of tickets for each time. If you buy your tickets in advance, you will have to make sure that you arrive on time. If you are buying your tickets once you arrive and it’s a busier night, you may have to wait to enter because of this timed-ticket system.

Lines for different ticket times

In 2022, we went on opening night at around 7:30 p.m. and were thrilled to see that there was currently no line to purchase tickets. I am not sure if this was because it was the first night, a weekday, or the time we went. If you are buying tickets onsite, I hope you get this lucky too!

Parking for the Jack o’Lantern Spectacular

The Jack O’ Lantern Festival in Louisville is an incredibly popular event, and parking on the grounds can be limited but it is free. There are workers posted at the entrance and throughout the parking area to direct you to your parking spot. Please be mindful and follow their hand signals and flares to keep the process moving and keep everyone safe.

It is best to plan for at least a 5-minute walk from where you find parking (unless you are parking in the handicapped area) to get to the event entrance. If you’d rather not walk, there are complimentary golf carts that will pick you up and take you to the entrance.

Row of cars parked for Jack o' Lantern Spectacular event. There is a golf cart down the road

The carts do not run on a schedule so you just flag them down when you see or hear them drive by. The drivers will announce that they are a complementary service, otherwise, it can be hard to tell them apart from the golf carts that are used purely for employee or volunteer transportation.

Are There Food and Bathrooms at the Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular?

There are concession stands throughout the path from the ticket area to the entrance to the event itself but there is no area to buy food and drinks once you are on the pumpkin path. You can buy food and have your choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Concession stand just inside Iroquis Park

If you need to use the bathroom, there are porta potties throughout the parking lot and about midway through the pumpkin trail. For those who prefer regular toilets, there are real bathrooms once you are past the ticket area.

Entering the Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular

Due to the popularity of Iroquois Park Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular, you should be prepared to wait in several lines before you get to the pumpkins. Once you have parked and have your tickets in hand, you need to get in the right line for your ticket time.

After that line, there is a line to get to the entrance of the event itself. At the front of this line, you will show your tickets before you can finally be able to start seeing the jack o’ lanterns!

Line of people waiting to show tickets  to enter Louisville's Jack o' Lantern Spectacular

Experiencing the Jack o’ Lantern Spectacular Festival

Your first glimpse of the magic to come will happen as you approach the final ticket check. There’s a large sign that says ‘Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular’ and it is surrounded by carved pumpkins.

Jack o' Lantern Spectaucular sign

Once through the main gate, you will be surrounded by carved pumpkins on both sides. Take your time walking the path and admiring the mixture of pumpkins that you will see. Some of the pumpkins will have different faces carved in them and others are carved with amazing detail tied to the themes of that year’s Jack O’Lantern Spectacular.

Currently, the photos in this post are from the festival in 2022.

Alice in Wonderland carved into pumpkin next to a pumpkin with the movie title carved into it. There are fake mushsrooms in the background

The theme this year (2023) is “Wanderlust: The World is Your Pumpkin”. Most of the detailed pumpkins are on the right side of the path. But don’t forget to look for pumpkins in ALL directions. There are even some hidden surprises up in the trees!

Frankenstein pumpkin
Pumpkins carved and lit up as far as the eye can see. On the ground and in trees

The event always has several different smaller-themed sections like Underwater Garden, Day of the Dead, Fairy Tales, and so many more! You will be in constant awe of the artistic skills showcased in each carved pumpkin. It is amazing how much detail they can put into these pieces. Most sections also have music playing to fit that section’s particular theme.

pumpkin with CInderella during and after her gown changes along with her chariot
Sea turtle pumpkin with lit up sharks and starfish behind it

The pumpkins are set amongst other decorations like building fronts and silhouette figures that match that segment’s theme. Between the pumpkins, music, and other details the whole experience is fantastic.

Day of the Dead area in Jack o' Lantern Spectacular. Pumpkin with skeleton dressed for the celebration on it. Behind is a Mayan pyramid
Dead and Breakfast Inn. Building full of carved pumpkin faces, cobwebs, and other spooky signs and decorations

Right before you exit the event, there is a small display to advertise the park’s Winter Festivities along with a book for you to leave compliments and suggestions to the artists and event coordinators.

Set up to advertise winter festivities in the park. House is decorated for Christmas and there are stained glass window decorations in the area in front of the house

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Why You Should Visit Louisville’s Jack o’ Lantern Festival:

The Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular is a magical event that you should definitely attend if you are within driving distance. The themed sections have music to set the mood along with highly detailed carved artistic pumpkins. Whether you drive or walk through the event, this is a great way to celebrate Halloween with your friends and family.

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