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What to Bring for Your Dog-Friendly Road Trip

Whether your dog will be traveling in the car with you for a few hours or a few days, there are several dog road trip supplies that will help make the trip more comfortable and safer for your pup. By having the correct gear with you, you will be able to avoid last-minute, expensive purchases on the road and unexpected delays. Your dog will be more comfortable and will appreciate the extra steps you have taken to make the trip more enjoyable for them. Bringing your dog with you on your travels can be a great experience for both of you as long as you are set up for success.

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If you would like more help on how to prep for your next dog-friendly vacation, be sure to read the post on Travel Tips to Vacation With Your Dog including what behaviors you want to have your dog brush up on!

Before Your Trip

Before you leave on your trip, make sure to check weather conditions so you can plan accordingly. This way you will know if you will need to prepare for rain, cold, or hot weather.

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Double-check to make sure that your destination is still dog-friendly and if they have any restrictions that would affect your plans. Keep in mind that it is best to check the actual location for the most updated information. Other sites might not be immediately aware of policy changes. Some travel plans will also require proof of vaccinations.

White dog sitting next to a "No Dogs Allowed" sign

Tentatively plan the ‘dog stops’ along the way. This will be dependent on your pet’s bathroom and/or energy needs. It can make it easier to consolidate stops if you have an idea of what and when things will be needed, especially if there is a scheduled itinerary to stick to.

Make sure your dog’s tags and microchips are updated and that you have a recent picture of your pup with you in case you get separated. Remington’s Pup Memory Passport is a great way to make sure you have all the important information and up-to-date photos with you when you are on the road.

Dog carrying a 'pup memory passport' in its mouth. There are close up shots of the pages in the book showing where to enter info and place photos

You may also want to consider getting something like the FitBark GPS Tracker for your pet just in case they get lost. A GPS tracker is perfect for pet owners that have dogs that love to try to go on solo adventures or if you are traveling with children or adults that aren’t used to making sure a dog is safely contained at all times.

Dog Supplies for Your Road Trip

Water and Travel Bowls– Make sure you have plenty of water and bowls to put it in! When you think you have enough water, grab one more just to be safe.

Food and Treats– If you are going to be gone during mealtime, be sure to pack dinner! Bring extra good treats for rewards and recall while on the road to reward your dog for listening to you.

Medicine– Take any medication that is needed. This could also include anxiety, allergy, or painkillers if recommended by your vet.

Medicine Bottles

Poop bags– Be responsible and clean up after your pup. This will ensure that more places remain dog friendly and you won’t get fined.

First Aid Kit– Read the DIY Dog First Aid Kit post to see what you should add to your own First Aid Kit to make sure you have what you would need for your pooch.

Cargo Liner– This will protect the car’s interior from any dirt or mud found on the trip. It will also limit the amount of dog hair to be vacuumed up in the car.

Window shades– If you don’t have tinted windows, you might want to consider getting window shades to keep your pet a bit cooler in the back of your car. Limiting the amount of sun that shines into your vehicle can make quite a difference.

Dog Bed/Pillows– Use these to fill in any dips so your dog can lay down comfortably.

Dog sitting on a dog bed inside of a vehicle

Seatbelts/barrier– Depending on how your car is set up, getting dog seatbelts or a barrier to keep them safely in the back could make the drive safer for everyone in the car.

Towel and Wipes– It is always good to have an extra towel and pet-safe wipes on a trip because you never know what your dog may find or get into.

Back-up harness/leash– This is listed in the DIY Dog First Aid Kit, but it is very important to have extra in case they break or get lost for some reason.

Toys– Have something on hand to keep your dog busy and help burn away some of the built-up energy from being in a car for several hours.

A pile of different colorful dog toys

Time to Hit the Road

Depending on your vehicle and your dog, you may not need all of these items. As you travel more and more with your pup, you will develop a better idea of what extra things they may need or like to make the trip more enjoyable. You will also learn how often you should plan to stop for bathroom breaks and walks to keep their energy level down and stretch their legs.

Dog with it's head outside car window

No matter how much your dog may behave at home, please be extra careful when traveling. One moment of distraction for them can lead to unimaginable consequences especially when in unfamiliar territory or by busy roads. Remember no dog is perfect all the time, so be extra careful when traveling!

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