A side view of the waterfalls at Falls Park in South Dakota. There are tons of reddish rocks and boulders along both sides of the river. There is green grass on both sides of the river and rocks. There are decorative lamps throughout the park. You can see a path across the river weaving away and many tall trees in the distance.

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Sioux Falls Activities

If you are road tripping through South Dakota, chances are you will be passing through this fantastic city. There are plenty of fun things to do in Sioux Falls which makes it a great place to visit whether you are just staying overnight or plan to spend the whole week. This city provides plenty of options for entertainment for both indoor and outdoor activities all year round. If you are visiting South Dakota, make sure to take a moment to stop and explore Sioux Falls and use this guide to help plan your vacation.

View of the waterfalls in Falls Park. The angle is looking up river at the upper part of the falls. Across the river is the remnants of Queen Bee Mill. On this side of the river are multiple reddish colored rocks and some tall green grasses as the water's edge.
(Waterfall at Falls Park)

If you are headed west, take a look at our list of 25 Places to Visit in North and South Dakota for some more vacation ideas.

Places to Stay

Since Sioux Falls is one of the main cities in South Dakota, you will find no shortage of places to stay. All the typical hotel and motel chains are available, just pick the area, amenities, and price range that you desire in the box below. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotel options to choose from!


If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, never fear! There are multiple campgrounds in the area. Listed below are just four of the many options available. These campgrounds are all pet friendly and some of them even provide a dog park onsite.

4 pet friendly campgrounds in Sioux Falls area; Sioux Falls KOA, Big Sioux State Recreation Area, Tower Campground (has dog park) and Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Sioux Falls (has dog park)

If you are headed to the Black Hills with your pup, Custer State Park is very dog friendly.

What to do in Sioux Falls

There is a little bit of everything in Sioux Falls to keep everybody in your party entertained throughout the entire year. From wineries, museums, and arcades to a multitude of parks where you can ski, snowshoe, swim, hike, bike and fish.  Make sure to check out the local events calendar for more information about concerts, shows, and other festivals.

Sioux Falls Wineries

There are two local wineries; Wilde Prairie Winery and Strawbale Winery in the area where you can take tours and participate in wine tastings. Stop by and pick up a bottle of wine to commemorate your vacation. Check their calendar to see what other events might be happening during your visit.

Bottle of red wine being poured into a wine glass

Sioux Falls Attractions

If you are an animal fan, then be sure to check out Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History and the Butterfly House & Aquarium. Between these two facilities, you will have all your favorite animals covered.

Giant Anteater
(You can see an anteater at the zoo)

Are you a history buff? Consider putting these three museums on your itinerary and take a trip back to the 1800’s: Old Courthouse Museum, Irene Hall Museum Resource Center, and Pettigrew Home & Museum. There is no fee for any of these museums.

Old Courthouse Museum
(Old Courthouse Museum)

For water-based fun there are several options. Wild Water West Waterpark is a fun stop for all ages. It has numerous pools and water activities (including a swim up bar!), along with paintball, batting cages, and mini golf. Tickets are around $26.  If you are looking for pool without all of the extra rides, spend a few hours at Midco® Aquatic Center for around $5 a person. You can also spend the day relaxing and watching three fun, family friendly shows at Catfish Bay Greatest Show on H20. They put on a great Ski, Stunt and Stage Show and the entrance fee is only $12 per adult if you buy your ticket ahead of time.

Clear and empty pool with a pool ladder

Thunder Road of Sioux Falls provides a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities from go carts, axe throwing and bumper cars to name a few. Prices vary based on the activities that you choose.

Sioux Falls Parks

There are many wonderful and unique parks in the Sioux Falls area creating an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  Japanese Gardens and Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and East are both known for their gardens. Fawick Park is home to a full-sized reproduction of the “David” statue by Michelangelo and a sundial. There are several walking and biking trails here. The USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial is dedicated to the most decorated war ship of World War 2. There is no fee for this stop.

up close shot to a red flower bloom

Falls Park is a popular park that has several trails that wind around and throughout the park with a beautiful waterfall in the middle. There are several sculptures and remnants of the Queen Bee Mill which was built in 1881 along with a gift shop if you would like souvenirs.

A side view of the waterfalls at Falls Park in South Dakota. There are tons of reddish rocks and boulders along both sides of the river. There is green grass on both sides of the river and rocks. There are decorative lamps  throughout the park. You can see a path across the river weaving away and many tall trees in the distance.
(Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
One of the sculptures in Falls Park. It is surrounded by green grass. The metal statue sits on a piece of granite. The sculpture is a line that zig zags towards the sky. The sky is grey with many clouds that are  slightly darker in color than the sky itself.
(One of the sculptures at Falls Park)
A view of the remnants of the Queen Bee Mill. It is from a side where the wall no longer exists. You can see piles of large bricks on the right side. Further away is what is left of the walls on the left and right side along with the back wall. There is no floor, only grass.
(Remnants of the Queen Bee Mill)

Good Earth State Park is a great place for hiking and birdwatching. In the winter, you can even check out snowshoes. There is a $8 entrance fee per vehicle.

Photo of the feet of two people wearing snowshoes

Big Sioux State Recreation Area has almost every activity available. You can go hiking, biking, fishing, snowshoeing, canoeing/kayaking or play disc golf. There is even an archery lane. This park also has a $8 entrance fee per vehicle.

tip of a blue kayak in the water. There is greenery in the distance

For pure winter fun, go to Great Bear Ski Valley where you can ski, snowboard, or go tubing. Prices vary depending on your activities.  These are just a few of the parks available in the Sioux Falls area.

set up grey skis and ski poles stuck into the snow.

Why You Should Visit:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a wonderful place to visit. Whether you are just passing through or if this is your destination, there is a wide array of activities available in every season. There is an abundance of outdoor activities and a ton of parks to choose from. If you want a break from the outdoors, never fear. Take the time to visit one of the museums, the zoo, or the aquarium. You can also enjoy a nice relaxing wine tasting or check the local event calendar to see what shows or festivals are available. Since Sioux Falls is a city, you will have no shortage of options for places to stay. There are multiple campgrounds and hotels to choose from, you would just need to choose your price range and the amenities that you desire. If you are ever in the area, make sure to stop and appreciate everything that Sioux Falls has to offer.

View looking into an opening of the remnants of the Queen Bee Mill in Falls Park in South Dakota. The remnants consist of the exterior brick walls. The middle of area is grass. The walls have battlements spread evenly around the structure.
(Another View of the Remnants of the Queen Bee Mill)

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